Eurofonte, an overview...
Cast iron products
Iron is the most abundant element on the Earth, it’s an inexhaustible raw material, it’s recyclable forever and it keeps its original characteristics.

Iron covers & gratings are used to provide safe access and protection to essential underground infrastructure for water, gas, electricity, telecom and drainage networks. All of these networks provide the fundamental conduits through which todays modern societies and cities operate.

Iron covers & gratings installed in public roads and footpaths have to guarantee safety and comfort for all road and pavement users from heavy duty vehicles to cars, motorbikes, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Hundreds of thousands of tons of steel and iron scrap are recycled every year by European producers, to manufacture Manhole Covers that provide the highest level of accessibility and security to our essential networks and safety for users.

This innovative industry, which plays an essential role in the European industrial and social fabric, is being threatened by massive imports of low quality and low-cost products.

Who we are
Eurofonte is an industry association that brings together European manufacturers of certain cast iron articles which are used to cover ground or sub-surface systems, and/or openings to such systems, generally referred to as Manhole Covers, Surface Boxes, Frames and Gully Gratings.

Eurofonte seeks to ensure fair competition allowing EU producers to innovate and continue to manufacture and provide safe and sustainable employment for its workers.

Eurofonte is a registered association in Belgium (Eurofonte a.s.b.l.) with premises at 1 Avenue de la Joyeuse Entrée, 1040 Brussels.
Eurofonte has 7 full members:

  • EJ, France
  • Fondatel Lecomte, Belgium
  • Fonderies Dechaumont, France
  • Heinrich Meier Eisengießerei, Germany
  • Ulefos, Finland
  • Saint-Gobain PAM, France
  • Saint-Gobain Construction Products, United Kingdom

Eurofonte welcomes all European producers as new members. Contact us to know more.
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What we do
Eurofonte represents more than 40% of the total European Union manufacturer’s production of Iron Covers & Gratings with more than 300,000 tonnes of production and an annual turnover of 400 million euros. It also provides meaningful and sustainable employment to thousands of workers across the EU. Eurofonte is committed to Europe manufacturing as an essential driver of innovation, and provider of safe and reliable castings for use in our infrastructure in Europe. The association has taken action against unfair trade practices in the manufacture of products originating in China.

Eurofonte’s interest lies in the following topics:

  • Fair competition in international trade (incl. action to remedy illegal practices);
  • Fair and transparent rules for market access and public procurement both inside and outside the EU;
  • Transition towards a sustainable green economy;
  • Continuous improvements to safety and health for workers and users.

Eurofonte is a member of AEGIS, an industry alliance representing over 25 key industries aiming to promote manufacturing investment, innovation, jobs and growth in Europe.

Eurofonte is registered in the European Transparency Register and has regular contacts with the European Institutions.

Our structure
President: Mr. Philippe Cavaillé (EJ Picardie)
Vice-President: Mr. Michael Kintzel (MeierGuss)
Treasurer: Mr. Fernando Martin Muro (SG PAM)

Secretariat/legal representatives: Ursula O’Dwyer, Bernard O’Connor and Maxime Hommé.

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